Belated halloween pictures

I have a number of posts that I’ve started over the past month, but obviously been busy.  At some point, I’ll start writing about why — but for now, I’m catching up.  For example: Alyce and I took Kenny and Nathan trick or teating this halloween.  They were cuties.  Kenny is obviously Superman, Nathan —… Read more

Nathan and Kenny in the local newspaper

Kenny and Nathan found their way into our local newspaper just before Thanksgiving.  They were down at the library playing turkey bingo (well, Kenny was playing, Nathan was playing) and got their pictures taken.  Here’s the picture with associated captioning information:  URL: Credit: Photo by Sarah HillmanDate Published to Web: 11/22/2006Caption:  Kenny Reese, 5, throws… Read more

Google Spell API — Ruby

Someone had asked if I could post the ruby code we use to interact with the google toolbar spell api.  Well, here it is. require ‘net/https’ require ‘uri’ require ‘rexml/document’ class GoogleSpell def GetWords(phrase) results = [] x = 0 i = 0 phrase = phrase.downcase phrase = phrase.gsub(“&”, “&”) phrase = phrase.gsub(“”, “>”) word_frag… Read more

Google Sitemaps

I’d run across these a few weeks ago and thought they were pretty nifty. Essentially, I was looking for something that would allow Oregon State University’s CONTENTdm collections to be harvested by Google. Since CONTENTdm has an OAI interface, and Google’s Scholar supports OAI harvesting, I thought there must be an easy way to get… Read more