CONTENTdm and OpenSearch

I love OpenSearch.  It’s been one of those things that I’ve been wanting to spend more time looking at — maybe incorporate into Dspace or some of our other services like LibraryFind (which actually is now on the todo list).  Anyway, folks may not know it, but Kyle Banerjee and I are writing a book. … Read more

Lost in Airport hell

I spend the weekend in DC as a panelist for an NEH grant.  It was a very interesting experience.  Having never been on an NEH grant panel before, I was somewhat amazed by the tremendous number of high quality research project currently being undertaken in the humanities.  If this is a representative sample of the… Read more

LibraryFind updates

Jeremy apparently did a podcast at CNI ( where he discussed some of the work being done on LibraryFind.  One thing that’s he’s particularly happy about is what he’s calling the “look ahead” feature in LibraryFind.  Essentially, LibraryFind is both an OpenURL server and client allowing it to “look ahead” and resolve all citations before… Read more

Coming in MarcEdit 5

Thought I’d give folks an idea of what I’ve got coming in the next few weeks for MarcEdit.  In the past, a number of folks had asked for an interface that would make creation of original records or the editing of individual records easier for folks that are not necessarily “MARC code junkies”.  Well, the… Read more

Blustery Day

Wow, we had a bit of a wind storm last night.  133 MPH winds in the mountains, 114 MPH gusts recorded at the coast, and gusts in the 80 MPH range in the valley.  Living in the valley, we get very few such wintry days and you can tell, by looking at the number of… Read more

MarcEdit update

Posted an updated version of MarcEdit.  Updates a few stylesheets, removes an artificial limit in the Z39.50 client that limited results to 1000 (you now are limited only by available memory), and modified some install behaviors in terms of checking some local config. files for changes before overwriting them.   Also, I need to post… Read more

A visit to Santa

One of the things that I love about our little town is the number of kid friendly activities that go on.  It was actually one of the reasons why we’ve stayed in Independence, rather than move to Corvallis.  Anyway, our city has something called the festival of lights.  It’s been a cool parade that has… Read more