Finally, in Athens

So Kyle and I finally made our way from Oregon to Athens, Georgia for Code4Lib.  Apparently, we missed a big storm in the Valley.  Apparently, the wind is blowing 30-45 mph with cold, slushy rain falling off an on.  I was told that it hit hard around 5 am.  Fortunately (depending on your point of… Read more

MarcEdit update

I’ve been doing some work on the Delimited Text importer this weekend.  Nothing big — just some simple changes to make the import process work better — particularly when dealing with csv files (which MarcEdit periodically splits up incorrectly when dealing with MS Excel data).  Anyway, I think I’ve got a much better process using… Read more

Mainstreaming R&D

I’ve become more and more convened over the past year talking to directors that for OSS development to be accepted as a part of the library community, it’s going to have to become a mainstream service.  Too much R&D in libraries is done as part of an individual, student or demo project.  To a large… Read more

MarcEdit 5 update

Apparently in an update, I’d broken the MARCJoin function (the files to join wasn’t being set).  Sorry about that.  So, I’ve fixed this and in fixing this, corrected a problem with the same function in the console program.  To run in the console, you’d use the following: %cmarcedit.exe -s c:\myfile.mrc;c:\myfile2.mrc -d c:\newfile.mrc -join In the… Read more

MarcEdit and Solr

With the preconference at Code4lib coming, folks are looking for ways to get their MARC data into a format that Solr can load.  Andrew Nagy has made an XSLT that can convert MARCXML data to a Solr format, and David Bigwood notes that MarcEdit can be used to generate those MARCXML records.  This is true —… Read more

Chilly in Rochester

So I spent a rather nippy night last night hanging out in Rochester, NY.  I’m in town for the next few days with a number of other (maybe 30) folks to talk about (and learn about) the University of Rochester’s XC (eXtensible Catalog) project.  Funny, the day started out oddly.  While driving to Portland to… Read more