LibraryFind code refactoring

I’ve been spending time this weekend refactoring a major piece of the LibraryFind code partly in an effort to make it easier to add protocol classes.  This change affects a lot of the current API code-base, but the biggest change comes in the meta_search.rb file where nearly all the business logic relating to searching, etc.… Read more

Roy Tennant vs RDA (and AutoCat) :)

Ah, what fun.  Working in Technical Services, I tend to lurk on the AutoCat list to keep up and get an idea of what folks are chatting about there.  Normally the conversation is on traditional cataloging issues, but Roy’s latest musings in Library Journal (“Will RDA Be DOA”, url: seems to have raised peoples… Read more

MarcEdit 5 update

I’ve posted an update to MarcEdit.  Couple of changes: MARC21XML output: Larry Dixon from LC let me know that the xmlschema location value was incorrectly set on occasion.  Didn’t notice for two reasons: 1) It doesn’t affect my xslt processors and 2) I don’t use namespaces. Export Selected/Delete Selected — ability to use a file… Read more