Monster Cookie — success!

So, the great recumbent roundup (aka, the Monster Cookie) was a rousing success. Kyle tried out his new high racer and got lots of looks. It’s a very unique, light (21 lbs) and fast bike. Both Kyle and I ended up doing a full century…100.4 miles to be exact. We padded about 18 on the… Read more

Let the cycling season begin

So I’m just about ready to head out and do the Salem Monster Cookie, a metric century (60 miles) that takes you from Salem, Oregon north towards Portland, OR. It’s a nice easy ride that’s always a fun way to kick off the riding season. As past practice, a few of us will be turning… Read more

And the simple design wins

Its interesting how this has played out in the video game market this year.  When the Playstation 3 came out, my wife and I started to think about getting a gaming console under the guise that it would be for my boys (really, it was for me).  The idea though was that the gaming experience… Read more

MarcEdit Z39.50 Changes

I’ve been having some folks ping me recently regarding how data is displayed in the Z39.50 client.  To simply the data display process, I pull data into a byte array and simply render the content using the Windows 1252 codepage.  This means that any data returned via UTF8 (which I certainly don’t see often) gets… Read more

MarcEdit 5 updated

The biggest part of this update is the addition of a Z39.50 COM object call.  So for those that install as an admin, they will be able to access the Z39.50 object.  Here’s a code snippet. Function ZSearch(search, ltype) Dim lobj_Z3950 Dim lstring Set lobj_Z3950 =createObject(“MARCEngine5.Query”) With lobj_Z3950 .Database = “VOYAGER” .Host = “” .Port… Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 update

Basically, a bug fix.  I made a few changes to the script maker, the Editor when it closes, and added a new sorting option in the Editor (sortby author). –TR