Kenny and Nathan camping

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We took Nathan and Kenny camping for the first time this last weekend.  We drove down to Diamond Lake, in Southern Oregon and had a nice relaxing time with the kids and my parents (who camped next to us).  My dad and I took off Saturday and road from Diamond Lake to Crater Lake and around the rim.  It’s about 70 miles round trip, and is such a gorgeous ride.  We left early in the morning, so we spent much of the ride out of the heat, which was nice.  Of course, what was also nice was the snow.  There is still a little bit of snow around the crater, so when I started getting hot, I could quickly hope off the bike and grab a handful.  Of course, the whole reason I ride the rim and suffer through the thousands of feed of climbing at a higher altitude is so I can go down the last hill.  Coming from Crater Lake to Diamond Lake is about a 9 mile downhill, where we ended up traveling faster than my dad’s speedometer could track him (it stopped at 99 km/h (60 mph)).  There are few things I enjoy more on a bike than riding faster than traffic. 🙂

The boys had a great time too.   They got to roast marshmallows, play in the fire, run back and forth on the lake and had their first paddle boat adventure.  Of course, the paddle boating was something I would have liked to have gotten pictures of.  As its been told to me (I was biking at the time with my dad), the paddle boat got swamped by the wake from motor boats and was slowly sinking.  Kenny was a little panicked and Nathan was playing in the rising water.  🙂  And of course, I had to introduce Kenny to one of my favorite parts of camping — putting out the fire.  He helped me dump three big buckets on the fire as it bathed us in steam and ash.  Great times. 🙂

Happily, we are all back and everyone is ready to do it again.  I’ll post pictures as soon as I get a chance to take them off the camera.


MarcEdit Update

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I’ll be updating MarcEdit to 5.1 shortly.  I need to make sure all the changes are working.  This will replace 5.0, and remove the beta moniker.  Ideally, this would have been done much sooner, but I got busy with a number of other projects that really left me with little time to work on MarcEdit.  I’m hoping that the changes will make the wait worth it.  Anyway, lots of changes, including changing to the .NET 2.0 framework and dropping a number of components that I’ve either been able to remove from the package because they are no longer needed or because .NET 2.0 has equivalents.  There are big changes to the XML/XSLT api which need to be thoroughly tested and finally, some new UI components.  For those interested, this is what 5.1 will be looking like when finished.


The idea behind the change was to make the menuing on the front page more straightforward.  This is coupled with other changes (direct Excel support in the Delimited Text Translator), added functionality to the Script Maker, a new XSLT engine, etc.

Also, this version will officially support Linux and Mac (I’m testing installers so that I just don’t need to send a zip file) with the most current version of mono (with a few UI oddities).  Lots of new stuff.  I’m hoping to finish this week, but it might have to wait till next since I’ll be camping and cycling at the end of this week at Crater Lake and then will be in Houston for the week that follows.


Summer ALA 2007

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This years Annual ALA conference was in Washington DC and was a first for me in that this was the first year that I brought my oldest son, Kenny with me on my travels.  For Kenny, ALA was an exciting trip.  This represented the first time that he has really left Oregon (outside of going to Washington) and was the first time that he’s been on a large airplane. 


Before the trip, I had to take our youngest son down to the grandparents (which he enjoyed immensely).  Anyway, on the way down, we stopped at the go-carts.



Kenny and I getting ready to start


Nathan and I getting ready to take off.


Kenny loved it.  I couldn’t make the car go fast enough.  Nathan almost didn’t get to ride because he wanted to sit on my lap and drive and that just wasn’t allowed. 🙂


Anyway, I have pictures from the trip, but before I get to the fun, let’s talk about ALA.  My ALA trip is nearly always focused on committee responsibilities and time with vendors.  Saturday, I spent the better half of the day speaking with vendors that we work with.  Innovative Interfaces, Index Data, Marcive, Lexis Nexis, Serials Solutions and OCLC.  Generally, these conversations are related to products that we have purchased from these specific vendors.  This year, however, because of LibraryFind, many of my conversations with content providers were related to ways in which we could search their content.  Ideally, I’d like to see LibraryFind use as few Z39.50 targets as possible, in part, because vendors that provide webservice search interfaces tend to make these interfaces natural language api.  This makes building search queries much easier since normalization across different search targets no longer becomes necessary.  Also, I’m not a big fan of Z39.50 in general, in part because most implementers provide only the most basic implementation of the protocol.  Probably the most useful part of the conversations that I had this year was that most content provides that we work with do provide rest-based API with natural language support.  While most don’t advertise these api, I found folks willing to talk about them and provide documentation on their use.

Sunday, I attended LITA’s TER committee and ALCTS Publication committee meetings.  Surprisingly, this took up nearly my entire day and probably isn’t of that much interest to those outside of these two committees.


So what about the fun stuff?  Well, Kenny and Alyce were able to see lots of stuff while in DC.  Kenny got to see the White House, the Washington Monument, the Zoo, the Air and Space Museum at the Mall and the Air and Space Museum near Dulles, the Capital, the Archives, the World Kids Festival, the Museum of Natural Sciences and the Library of Congress.  They visited a number of other things, but these were the highlights.  All and all, I think he had a great time.  Here are a few of the pictures from the trip.

Kenny in front of the Lion’s area at the zoo


More Lions


Kenny and Alyce in front of the Lion statue at the zoo.


Standing in front of the Capital (I have one with just Alyce from 10 years ago — now I just need to go back and get one with Nathan).




Kenny at the World’s Kids festival


Kenny and I in front of the Lincoln Memorial (this is one of my favorites)


Kenny and I in front of the Enterprise Shuttle


Kenny and Alyce in front of the Enterprise Shuttle


My attempt at an artistic photo at the Botanical Gardens in DC.



Going to the movies

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Living in a small town has many benefits — no traffic, quiet neighborhoods, friendly neighbors — but sometimes, it can be a little inconvenient.  For example, if we wanted to watch a movie.  For the first 4 years, we’d have to drive to either Corvallis (25 miles) or Salem (21 miles — but awful traffic).  However, over the last summer, a small movie theater was built in town, and since its been open (late March), we’ve seen more movies in the theatres since my wife and I were dating 11 years ago.  It’s a nice little theatre ( that has 6 or 8 screens (can’t remember which it is), with maybe 75-150 seats per screen.  Since the theatre has come in, Kenny’s school took everyone to watch Shrek 3…I’ve taken the boys and my wife to watch Surf’s Up and Ratatouille, my wife and I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At world’s end at one of the pre-release showings and I made my way to watch Transformers this last Tuesday.  Of the movies, I have to say that the kids movies have been the best.  Ratatouille was great — everyone loved it.  Surf’s up was cute and the kids really enjoyed it and Transformers was fun, though I have to admit, I was a fan of the original cartoons so I was bound and determined to like this movie no matter what.  Pirates was fun simply because it was just my wife and I and again, it was fun. 

What will be watching in the future.  Well, there are really one two upcoming movies that I want to see.  The next Harry Potter movie and then the Simpson’s.  And I don’t care if the Simpson’s movie is just Homer reading poetry, I’m going to love it.  Especially if they throw in a D’oh or two.



Back from hiatus

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Howdy folks, its been a while I guess (May 5th to be exact).  It’s been a busy few months — busy enough to put a number of my own personal projects (MarcEdit for example) on hold.  I’ve been to San Jose (twice) for the IUG and a preservation meeting with the folks from Sun and then to Washington DC for ALA.  In all, I’ve been away for about a month — leaving the other month fairly busy trying to keep up with work on LibraryFind, Dspace and a few other projects that currently have my interests.  So what have I been up to?  Well, I’ve been working on MarcEdit (at least, the last two weeks I have), riding my bike, watching a few movies (I’ve seen more in the last two months than in the last two years probably), doing some LibraryFind coding and teaching my LIS class for the folks at Emporia.  Anyway, I’ll try to detail some of my goes in a few subsequent posts.  But I would expect my posts to be more frequent (at least, as frequent as they were before).