Kenny and Nathan camping

We took Nathan and Kenny camping for the first time this last weekend.  We drove down to Diamond Lake, in Southern Oregon and had a nice relaxing time with the kids and my parents (who camped next to us).  My dad and I took off Saturday and road from Diamond Lake to Crater Lake and… Read more

MarcEdit Update

I’ll be updating MarcEdit to 5.1 shortly.  I need to make sure all the changes are working.  This will replace 5.0, and remove the beta moniker.  Ideally, this would have been done much sooner, but I got busy with a number of other projects that really left me with little time to work on MarcEdit. … Read more

Summer ALA 2007

This years Annual ALA conference was in Washington DC and was a first for me in that this was the first year that I brought my oldest son, Kenny with me on my travels.  For Kenny, ALA was an exciting trip.  This represented the first time that he has really left Oregon (outside of going… Read more

Going to the movies

Living in a small town has many benefits — no traffic, quiet neighborhoods, friendly neighbors — but sometimes, it can be a little inconvenient.  For example, if we wanted to watch a movie.  For the first 4 years, we’d have to drive to either Corvallis (25 miles) or Salem (21 miles — but awful traffic). … Read more

Back from hiatus

Howdy folks, its been a while I guess (May 5th to be exact).  It’s been a busy few months — busy enough to put a number of my own personal projects (MarcEdit for example) on hold.  I’ve been to San Jose (twice) for the IUG and a preservation meeting with the folks from Sun and… Read more