Travel fun

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I’ve been fortunate to get to spend the last few days in the beautiful state of Vermont.  This isn’t my first time here, nor do I think it will be my last.  I’ve been here since Friday…visiting friends in Middlebury, though I will find some time the first week of Oct. to do a little work. 🙂 

Anyway, when I travel, I always try to experience a bit of the local color in the area.  Fortunately for me, this is easy as the leaves are turning and color is everywhere. 🙂  This morning, a friend of mine and I drove to NY to hike up Giant Mt.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day…66ish, cool in the trails and blue skies.  I got lots of pictures (though I’ll have to post them later), but I doubt I could have asked for a better day.  Couple this with the 50ish mile ride I did in the back country of Vermont, and you have the makings for a spectacular weekend. 


MarcEdit 5.1 issues to be fixed tonight

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I found some issues while doing some work on the application last night.  A few issues that will be corrected tonight:

  1. MarcEditor Most Recent list — I’m getting an array out of bounds error because I didn’t check the number of files being saved.  So, it’s possible to blow this array boundary.  Oops.
  2. When I changed the validator to work in the MarcEditor, I futzed it up when working outside the editor if the data being evaluated isn’t MARC data.  Oops.

I found these problems while adding a new option to the Editor.  I find occasionally that folks want to create records in all kinds of crazy charactersets.  While the MarcEdit engine will work with any characterset, the MarcEditor (the notepad tool) really only reads UTF8.  I’ll be adding an drop down box that will let you select a different characterset that can then be used to save, edit, etc. the files.  Whether I get this into tonight’s update, I’m not sure.  I have to see how this affects other functions (since I’m not sure if I’ve always assumed that data will be in UTF8 or not).

Anyway, I’ll post more tonight once everything has been updated.



Riding in the dark

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Today marked the first day since last winter where I road home in utter blackness.  Generally, this would happen much later in the year but I hung around Corvallis a bit later than usual and started for home a little after 8 pm.  While it’s dark at 8 pm, it gets really dark after 8:30 pm. 

For the most part, I don’t mind riding in the dark.  It’s something you get use to over the course of the winter.  The first couple of times though, it reminds me of how lonely it can be out there all by yourself on the bike.  Tonight, all I was able to hear was the sound of the crickets and the wind in my ears — and unlike the winter, when there’s a fair amount of traffic, tonight was completely silent. 

In general, it’s the loneliness on the road that gets to me the first couple of times.  I enjoy the sights and sounds of riding a bike.  In the dark, my world is a space of ~20 feet in front of me.  I can’t see anything behind, below or perifierally around me — only the 20 ft illuminated by my bike lamp.  Truth be told, I actually like riding at night when there is a lot of traffic, simply because the lights from the cars give me a much wider view of the area around me.  I think, to a small degree, it must be what it’s like to be in a sensory deprivation tank.  I can’t hear anything (but wind) and I can only see that small lighted area.  It’s definitely something that needs to be eased into.

Fortunately, this year I’ll have Kyle Banerjee to ride with 3 days out of the week this winter.  Having an extra rider will be nice since we’ll be more visible to the cars around us and I’ll have someone to chat with.  But for tonight, I put down a pretty quick pace getting home in a little over an hour and made it home without any problems.  I only had a few folks honk at me on the ride home (it takes drivers some getting use to as well — seeing a rider at night) I think a few more times and I’ll be ready for those long winter rides again.


3 years old

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Yesterday, Nathan officially hit the big 3 and we had a small party at home for him with his special cake and presents.  For him, 3 years old will be a big deal.  He always wants to do the same things that Kenny does (like YMCA sports, etc.) and now, at 3, most of the activities will have sections geared for his age group.  (For example, he gets to join a swim class this fall). 

Anyway, I think that he had lots of fun.  He got a Lightning McQueen birthday cake and of course, presents which included lots of cars and trucks (his favorite)…and one OSU beaver sweat shirt (you can never start them too young).  Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from his party.




MarcEdit 5.1, first updates :)

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Posted 5.1 yesterday and already enhancement requests.  So, I quickly whipped up the following changes:

  1. MarcValidator changes — I’ve updated the validator so that the 1xx fields are no longer required.  In general, the validator definitions are defined through the validator dictionary files — this includes the definition of a primary title field and the author field locations.  However, in this case, I’d added a catch to post the error if the author wasn’t present.  My bad, but it’s fixed now.
  2. MarcEditor changes:  I’ve hooked the MarcValidtor to the MarcEditor.  This will allow you to perform validation of records while editing data within the MarcEditor.
  3. MarcBreaker:  MarcEdit’s MARCEngine has two MARC processing algorithms.  The first is a strict processing algorithm that requires data to respect all MARC structural requirements.  The second is a loose algorithm that can be used with invalid records to attempt to heal the dataset.  This was something in the 5.0 series that simply happened automatically without prompting or notifying the user.  In 5.1, this has changed.  The validator has been updated to recognize these records as errors and the Breaker has been modified so that when the loose algorithm is used, the user is visibly notified (results text turns red) directing the user to use the MarcValidator to isolate the offending records.

Few other minor changes (mostly cosmetic) — but there you go.  You can download the new files from:



LibraryFind 0.8.2

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I still have to create the tar-ball, but I’ve officially tagged 0.8.2.  This includes a number of fixes, as well as the inclusion of the smart_session_store plugin.  This plugin was necessary to solve some sessioning issues caused by timing, and our Ajax implementation. 


Starting First Grade

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Kenny started 1st grade on Tuesday.  He’s been looking forward to it and fortunately, it looks like he will have lots of fun.  He has 24 kids in his class, including most of his friends from last year.  Plus, he gets his own desk. :).  Anyway, here are a few pictures.

Kenny, standing in front of the Henry Hill Eagle. 


Kenny’s school


Kenny and his friends


Kenny’s class



Last gasps of summer

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For those folks trying to get ahold of my since last Tuesday, I’m finally starting to get through my email so unless your message got caught by one of my fairly aggressive spam filters, I’ll respond soon.  So what have I been up to, well, I’ve been in San Francisco with my wife.  Alyce and I celebrate our 10th anniversary on Sept. 13th and due to my oldest son’s need to be in school :), we had to celebrate a little early.  So, the boys went to the grandparents and we drove to San Francisco. 

We spent 3 days in San Francisco with what seemed like thousands of Tennessee fans (there for the Cal-Tennessee game) just hanging out, eating good food and enjoying some time together.  We did a few touristy things like traveling to Alcatraz, the Warf — as well as some less touristy things.  We stayed a great little inn in downtown San Francisco called the White Swan Inn.  For couples looking for a quite place to visit, I recommend it. 

A great trip to be sure with lots of pictures (though very few on the digital camera unfortunately).  On the way home, we drove up 101 to scout out places to take the kids.  One place that seemed pretty neat was the Forest of Mystery.  I remember visiting this place when I was a kid.  There is a trail to hike and then statues of Paul Bunion and Babe. 

I definitely think that we need to take the boys down here.  I think that they’d get a kid out of the trip.  There’s some fun stuff to see.  There’s Paul here, then the Prehistoric forest north of Gold Beach and a small petting zoo just north of Bandon.  Lots of fun for the boys.  I guess we just need a long weekend. 🙂

When we got back to the grandparents, my dad, brother=in-law (Eric) and I headed out to Charleston to take a fishing trip on a charter.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been on a charter and I had a blast.  I’m happy to report that I didn’t get sick on board (though that was in doubt for a while) and we caught a lot of fish.  Everyone came home with their limits meaning that we’ll be having lots of fish over the next few weeks.  (And probably a little more soon when I go out Salmon fishing later this month/Oct).

But now I’m back and settling into the reality that I’m going to need to start using a bike light soon because the mornings are dark and trying to prep for some presentations that I’ll be giving in Oct.