Travel fun

I’ve been fortunate to get to spend the last few days in the beautiful state of Vermont.  This isn’t my first time here, nor do I think it will be my last.  I’ve been here since Friday…visiting friends in Middlebury, though I will find some time the first week of Oct. to do a little… Read more

Riding in the dark

Today marked the first day since last winter where I road home in utter blackness.  Generally, this would happen much later in the year but I hung around Corvallis a bit later than usual and started for home a little after 8 pm.  While it’s dark at 8 pm, it gets really dark after 8:30… Read more

3 years old

Yesterday, Nathan officially hit the big 3 and we had a small party at home for him with his special cake and presents.  For him, 3 years old will be a big deal.  He always wants to do the same things that Kenny does (like YMCA sports, etc.) and now, at 3, most of the… Read more

MarcEdit 5.1 COM update

I’d forgotten to add two functions back into the COM object: the MARCSplit and MARCJoin functions.  I’ve rebuilt the program and pushed the changes forward.  If you use 4.6 and make use of those functions (or use 5.x and wanted to know where they went), download the update at: MarcEdit51_Setup.exe.  The updated API docs are… Read more

MarcEdit 5.1, first updates :)

Posted 5.1 yesterday and already enhancement requests.  So, I quickly whipped up the following changes: MarcValidator changes — I’ve updated the validator so that the 1xx fields are no longer required.  In general, the validator definitions are defined through the validator dictionary files — this includes the definition of a primary title field and the… Read more

LibraryFind 0.8.2

I still have to create the tar-ball, but I’ve officially tagged 0.8.2.  This includes a number of fixes, as well as the inclusion of the smart_session_store plugin.  This plugin was necessary to solve some sessioning issues caused by timing, and our Ajax implementation.  –TR

Starting First Grade

Kenny started 1st grade on Tuesday.  He’s been looking forward to it and fortunately, it looks like he will have lots of fun.  He has 24 kids in his class, including most of his friends from last year.  Plus, he gets his own desk. :).  Anyway, here are a few pictures. Kenny, standing in front… Read more

Last gasps of summer

For those folks trying to get ahold of my since last Tuesday, I’m finally starting to get through my email so unless your message got caught by one of my fairly aggressive spam filters, I’ll respond soon.  So what have I been up to, well, I’ve been in San Francisco with my wife.  Alyce and… Read more