Christmas in October

So I finished my second Jack-o-lantern this evening.  I needed the boy’s help because we had to clean 3 pumpkins to make it work.  Our project for this year — a snow man.  Since we don’t get a whole lot of snow in the Willamette Valley, we decided to improves. 🙂 –TR  

MarcEdit 5.1 Updates

It’s been about a month since the last update, so I’ve got a whole slew of changes to note with this update.  However, before noting the things that are fixed, I should note the things that are enhanced.  Over the last month, I’ve written ~10,000 new lines of code to continue to work to make… Read more

Travel karma

After spending two weeks running around Vermont hiking, biking and finding a little time to speak to friends at Middlebury College and the Readex Institute — I’ve apparently had a little too good of a time because when I got back, the cycling gremlins jumped all over me.  Monday — my first day back —… Read more