LibraryFind and Mobile Services

One of the things I was really impressed with while attending DLF was the presentation on the lightweight web platform being built at NCSU.  Leveraging their endeca catalog, the folks at NCSU have been able to produce a set of REST-based api for querying the catalog.  With those services, they’ve designed a mobile interface and… Read more

Packing on the miles

I need to thank Kyle — because of him, I’m riding quite a few more miles during the winter than normal.  In a normal year, I’d say that I put approximately 10,000 or so commuting miles on my bike (this doesn’t include my recreational riding).  However, once winter comes around, I generally start cutting back… Read more

MarcEdit 5.1 Update

So I’ve posted an update that fixes a few things.  Corrects the preview function (with one of the last windows service packs, it changed how some data is passed as command-line arguments.  This broke the preview option.  This should correct it). Select/Delete MARC records — fixed the Field searching (F#: mnemonic). Added the Plugin manager. … Read more

Dynamically loading and Unloading Assemblies in C#

While working on a plugin manager for a program written in C#, I found myself with a need to be able to load and unload assemblies dynamically be an application.  In C#, loading assemblies is a fairly easy prospect — one just needs to make use of the System.Reflection class.  Something like the following: System.Reflection.Assembly… Read more

LibraryFind 0.8.4 upcoming changes

At some point, I’ll likely move this to the LibraryFind blog.  I just realized that I couldn’t remember my login information to post to the blog — so, I’ll post here. I’m not exactly sure if the UI changes will be made in 0.8.4 to incorporate the new spawning/pinging (I think that they will), but… Read more

LibraryFind 0.8.3 tagged

Jeremy I’m sure will get the tgz version of the file up and ready on the LF site soon, but the 0.8.3 instance of libraryfind has been tagged.  If you are interested in finding out more about libraryfind, see:   –TR