Christmas 2007

Christmas has come and in 10 minutes, will go for another year, and it was fun.  Nathan came up with two of my favorite memories of this year’s Christmas.  One happened two days ago when we opened presents at my parents house.  Nathan and Kenny got a little foam shooter and he was hot to… Read more

MarcEdit 5.x and OCLC Plug-in Update

I took a couple of minutes and made a few changes to MarcEdit and the OCLC plug-in to provide some additional functionality to the plug-in framework and fix an error in the OCLC plug-in.  Changes: MarcEdit: One real change.  In the MacroInterfaces.dll (the library that allows the Scripting interface and the Plug-in interface access to… Read more

OCLC’s Connexion XML — why, oh why?

As I’d noted previously (, some early testers had found that the Connexion plug-in that I’d written for MarcEdit stripped the 007.  I couldn’t originally figure out why — it’s just a control field and their syntax for control fields is pretty straightforward.  However, after looking at a few records with 007 records, I could… Read more

OCLC Connexion Plug-in known issue

Apparently folks are interested in this type of tool, as I had a few folks trying it.  One known issue and two changes coming in the next day or two.  Known Issue: For some reason, the internal OCLC metadata schema uses delimiters for the 007 field (even though its a control field).  My default template… Read more

MarcEdit 5.1 update

Lots of updates.  Of note: Inclusion of a plug-in manager Necessitated the inclusion of Zip functionality (thanks to the SharpDevelop project []) AppDomain manager (for loading and unloading code) Fixed Preview file error: Follow the code execution patches, windows has changed the format in which file names are passed to applications.  This corrects the problems… Read more

MarcEdit 5.1 update set for Monday

So much for an early night.  It’s 12:58 am — fortunately, all the code is working on my two test systems.  The new plug-in code is working, install is working — so all good.  Now I just need to run the program through its unit tests on my clean machine.  Since that takes about an… Read more

MarcEdit Delimited Text Translator changes

Quick enhancement to to the Delimited Text Translator.  The delimited text translator provides a pretty flexible flexible method for translating delimited data into MARC.  It gives you a GUI interface to profile (and save profiles) of how a delimited text file should be processed.  Of course, a number of strict rules have always had to… Read more

Belated MarcEdit update coming

A quick note to let a few folks that are waiting know that I do have a MarcEdit update coming.  All the code has been updated and tested, its just getting a chance to build the install.  I’d hoped to do it this evening, but I’ve been busy working on other projects and just needed… Read more