MarcEdit 5.1 update

Posted a new version of MarcEdit.  The major changes: OAI harvester revisionsRevisions are oriented around the addition of fall-over code, some error correction, etc. marc8toutf8 processing updateUpdated the processing library to handle encoding errors a bit more gracefully. You can get the download from:   –TR

Securing licenses

Kind of off topic  — but I had to make a trip to the dmv this morning.  I’ve been finding that airports, rental car agencies, etc. are having a difficult time accepting my current license because much of the information on it has been smeared or damaged due to water (I have on older license… Read more

atscap and pchdtvr GPL revoked or can it be

I’ve never used this package (apparently its used for HDTV scheduling/recording on Linux), but this link on Slashdot caught my eye:  Apparently, the developer of this software package is seeking to revoke the GPL license not just for his current code, but his past code/package as well.  I have a difficult time believing that… Read more

Talking with Talis

In response to my top tech trends post, Richard Wallis had asked if I would be willing to expand my thoughts in their Talking with Talis podcast series.  Sounded fun (and it was).  You can find it at: if you are interested.   –TR

Is IT becoming too disposable?

This is something that came up when I was expanding my thoughts from one of my “non-lita tech trends” earlier this morning and the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’m finding it weighing on my mind.  I’m wondering if we are making our hardware too disposable in the name of convenience.  This comes… Read more

Sun aquires MySQL

URL:   I don’t know why, but this makes me a little sad.  Oh, yeah — I know why — I trust Sun about as much as I trust a wolf in a hen house.  Let’s hope they don’t screw up MySQL.   –TR

Bring on the Penn State Kitty cats

So, its official (as of last week I believe), but Oregon State University’s football team will be traveling to Happy Valley to play the Lions — and I’ll be there.  My wife has given me the ok so I’ve got the plane tickets, a hotel room in altoona, pa and a rental car.  Now all… Read more

My non-LITA top tech trends

(Note, I started this post last night, but had to put it away so I could get some rest before a 6 am flight.  I finished the remainder of this while waiting for my flight).  So, after getting up way to early this morning, I staggered my way down to the LITA Top Tech Trends… Read more