Color me excited

I’ll write more about Code4Lib, but one of my favorite parts of Code4Lib was seeing David Walker’s session providing a first look at OCLC’s grid services.  Very promising.  If OCLC can deliver a robust api for both member and non-member libraries and provide the infrastructure to make this happen — then maybe it will allow… Read more

Code4Lib 2008 begins

And so it begins.  Well, actually begins yesterday.  Yesterday Jeremy, Tami Herlocker and I gave a LibraryFind preconference.  Kindof an installfest that didn’t turn out that way thanks to Parallels on my laptop.  That’s ok — lots of good questions afterwards and now we have a very good install document — but still a little… Read more

Some MarcEdit changes: Z39.50 updating

This is one of those things that I wanted to get done a long time ago, but finally have found the time.  I’m working on updating MarcEdit to allow users to pull records directly into the MarcEditor from the Z39.50 client and then post them directly to a Z39.50 service that supports record updates.  At… Read more

Rails SVN question

For a rails project, when I want to update the vendor/rails it appears that the easiest way to update this in svn is to delete the directory, refresh the gems and then re-add the directory to the svn.  Does this sound right?  Seems like it should be easier.  This has been the process that we… Read more

My dog and I want a recount

Apparently, Dr. Adnan Qureshi, a stroke expert at the University of Minnesota performed a study recently that found cat owners to be less likely to die of cardiovascular disease than dog owners.  The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran this story ( [appearently, this page was only available for a little while — seems to be carried here… Read more

Reading between the lines

Like a number of people, I found the following piece ( from the Chronicle of Higher Education on the Open Library fairly interesting — in part, because of the topics that the author chose to highlight.  I tend to categorizes pieces such as this as fluff, in that one rarely gets any content of substance… Read more

MarcEdit 5.1 update

Couple of updates — Finished adding functionality to support different DPI settings.  This corrects the oai harvester, the marc tools and some marceditor layout functionality. Batch File processor — fixed a small error in which the program would save marcxml=>marc conversions as xml files (rather than mrc files) Save/Save As — when harvesting (and other… Read more

MarcEdit 5.1 Update

Couple of quick updates to the program.  Added a new variable to the global vars passed when doing xslt transfers (currently, these variables are, destfile, sourcefile and pdate.  You access these as global parameters in your xslt file.  Two other changes.  Added the Compile Individual Selected Record(s) back into the 5.x branch and lastly, updated… Read more

Bitter Cold

I’ve been spending some time in Regina, Ca. this weekend and I can’t think of any time that I’ve been in such bitter cold.  When my plane landed on Saturday, a little afternoon, it was the high of the day around -29 F (but felt like -49 F with the wind).  By nightfall, it was… Read more