Libraryfind 0.8.5 rc1

Since Code4Lib, we’ve made a few significant changes to the 0.8.5 alpha tag.  Many of these are related to issues due to migrating to Rails 2.0, including issues with some pagination, changes to how rails handles posted data and then my favorite, issues with Rails defaulting to ActiveRecord caching (something that’s generally desireable, but causes… Read more

MarcEdit 5.1 Update

I’ve got a couple of MarcEdit updates for folks.  Most of these updates are related to the Z39.50 client.  Of course, a number of other features have been added as well.  Here are the highlights: Z39.50 Changes So a number of Z39.50 changes — some related to adding editing functionality to the MarcEditor, others to… Read more

IE 8 beta & compliance

While the IE team had said IE 8 would pass the Acid 2 test, I was taking a bit of a wait and see because a lot can happen between concept and release.  But, I downloaded the beta and sure enough, there’s the smiley face.   So, how about the Acid 3 test — not… Read more