For the record, no, I’m not at IUG this year

Funny day.  Great story.  I’ve been hanging out in Minnesota attending DLF and got a funny message.  Apparently, my absence at this year’s IUG was noticed and a few folks wanted to know if Innovative had somehow banned me from attending.  I found this an odd statement for two reasons.  First, I’m not sure what… Read more

Denver International now has free wifi

I’ll admit it — I arrange me layovers (when I have to have them) around airports that have free wifi.  For that reason, I’ve avoided Denver International for years.  Well, on my way to DLF — I had to layover in Denver for a couple of hours (thanks to a delayed flight) and imagine my… Read more

Meeting the President

That would be cool wouldn’t it, but that’s not quite what happened.  Thanks to the historically close Democratic Primary, President Bill Clinton spent Friday and Saturday in Oregon, campaigning for his wife in small towns across Oregon.  As luck would have it, one of the towns that he stopped was Monmouth, Oregon, right in our… Read more

Connexion Plugin Update

So, I updated the connexion plugin to fix a few issues and make it a little easier to work with.  The primary issues corrected deal with spacing of downloaded data.  Normalization of some fields where spacing is important ($w’s), where being stripped causing validation errors.  This has been corrected.  So how do you update?  Well,… Read more

Sun to begin Close sourcing parts of MySQL Development

I remember mentioning ( that I wasn’t sure why, but I wasn’t wild about Sun aquiring MySQL.  And then today, I seen this link picked up on Slashdot (  Apparently, Sun will start close sourcing parts of the code-base, making specific elements of the database (think enterprise level functionality), available to MySQL Enterprise customers.  I… Read more

Z39.50 and Redistributables update

I introduced an error into the batch Z39.50 search function.  This was corrected in this build.  The change affects the z39.50 client (as well as the redistributables).  Here are the download links: MarcEdit App: Runtimes:   –TR

MarcEdit Update

I’ve posted a MarcEdit with a good number of enhancements, though if they are implemented correctly, you shouldn’t see most of them.  Many are related to making Z39.50 client work better, fold some previous functionality back into MarcEdit and implement a few new pieces of functionality in the delimited text translator and Z39.50 Client.  … Read more

Longing for some sunshine

Thank goodness we are coming to the end of winter riding season.  For the first time in a long time, I’d decided to log my commuting trips throughout the year to get a better idea of how many commuting miles I keep off my car.  The Bicycle Transportation Alliance (who does a fun little bike… Read more