Feeling my age

Watching my two boys (6 and 3) is amazing.  They have boundless energy.  I remember when I had boundless energy.  Today, I feel like I’m stuck in the mud.  After 600 miles on the bike and about 60 miles running over the past two weeks I’m tired and sore (not a good, since I’ve still… Read more

Music, animals and dinosaurs — Oh my

Wow — it’s been unseasonably hot the past couple of days.  It’s funny how quickly things have gone from winter and snowing (last snow day was around April 23rd) to nearly 100 degree heat (yesterday and today).  Of course, with the thawing from winter to summer (I guess we are skipping spring this year), comes… Read more

Geneseo Resource Sharing project

For the first time, in a really long time, I won’t be home on Mother’s Day.  A trip to Boston last week was extended to include some time in NY to talk to friends and the Geneseo library about the resource sharing project that they are working on.   I was really impressed by the work… Read more

Quick MarcEdit FYI

I’ll be posting an update this weekend that includes an updated bootloader to deal with a problem identified when installing on Vista 64-bit, as well as including enhancements to the Z39.50 Extended Services support and the OAI Harvester (making it more fault tolerant). Also, I reharvested the UMich. Google Books records and will be posting… Read more