ALA Notes — Running in Anaheim

Since ALA seems to shutdown around noon so folks can go and get some lunch, I decided to try my hand at getting a little run in before heading back.  I’ve tried running in California before (mostly San Francisco), and the number of people and cars always foil me.  I’m use to my afternoon runs… Read more

MarcEdit 5.x update

I’ve made a few updates that fix a few things with the MARCEngine COM object as well as the Tab Delimited wizard.  The big changes are to the MarcEngine.  I’m slowly starting to roll a few changes into the application that will eventually be used for UniMARC conversions.  Also, I’ve made some changes to the… Read more

MarcEdit 5.x updated and available again

Took a little longer than I thought it would, but I’ve uploaded a new version of MarcEdit that corrects the parsing error.  It took a little longer partly because the problem only occurred when dealing with 15 characters.  Also, I’ve added a new way of rendering the MarcEditor.  When rendering large Unicode files, the loading… Read more

Wii Fit

The people at Nintendo must be geniuses, because their most recent “game”, the Wii Fit, shows off everything that is cool about their console.  I have a Wii — we got it for the boys (ha!) and I love the game play.  I love the simplified controllers, the interactive nature of the games — and… Read more

MarcEdit 5.x Update

I’ve been doing a little bit of MarcEdit work, refining a few of the function to try to make the program a little smarter when it comes to doing what users are actually wanting to do, rather than what they are asking to do.  One case in point — if a user has a set… Read more

MarcEdit OCLC Connexion Plugin Updated

For those using this — I’ve figured out how to get the Access connection to behave better, so now if you will be able to extract as many records as you need to edit and expect all updates to occur.  Prior, the plug-in would occasionally error out and an handful of records wouldn’t get changed… Read more