First run of the summer

Ah — I survived my first timed run of the summer…barely.  *grin*.  It’s been 15 years since I’ve put the running shoes on and ran for time and thought that the Monmouth-Independence MiniMarathon (2.6 miles) would be a good one to start on.  Now, I’ve only been running really, for about 2 months with any… Read more

Airline karma

I’d mentioned sometime back ( that I was planning on being one of the crazy Beaver fans that will be making the trip to Penn State this year to hopefully watch out team spank the Nitty Lions silly.  At the time, I didn’t have football tickets, but was smart enough to make airline reservations and… Read more

ALA 2008 Report and Impressions

So another ALA annual has come and gone and it’s time to jot down my notes and impressions from my time here in Anaheim.  Of all the events I attend during the year, ALA is the one that I have the most difficult time quantifying what I actually get from the organization.  One the one… Read more