Just wondering

I was at the Oregon State/USC football game last night (9/25) and have just one question:  Does mean that Oregon State is now The OSU?  I’m just saying… –TR

oai and sru gems updated

In wrapping up the Libraryfind update, I’ve had to make some modifications to a few gem packages.  These are the ones updated: oai: http://rubyforge.org/projects/oai/Changes:Prior versions of the oai component only supported the ruby libxml gem 0.3.8-.  In order to support the newer versions of the ruby-libxml (which does better memory management), I’ve updated the… Read more

100 foods

Not library related but fun, I guess.  My wife sent me a list because she wondered what kinds of crazy things on this list I could say I’ve eaten.  Some of the things on this list, I honestly don’t even know what they are.  But, I’ll play the game.  I’ve bolded the items of things… Read more

LibraryFind notes & stuff

So, I just wanted to update folks on some LibraryFind work. is pretty much ready to go.  The only things that I’ve been waiting on are changes to two core components — the oai.gem and the sru gem.  So, I added libxml support to the sru gem (both support for the current and past… Read more