new shoes and dry feet

A lot of folks know that cycling for me is a year round event.  Well, during the winter, the weather turns dark, cold and wet.  Now, it’s not nearly as cold as those folks that live in snowy weather climates, but it pretty much starts raining in Oct and then stops sometime around May.  So,… Read more

Faust 2.0 ( strip)

I always look forward checking my feedreader on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays because I know that one of my favorites comics, xkcd will have a new strip to read.  I got a special kick out of today’s,, in part because I think that most commercial EULAs are from the devil 🙂 and I simply… Read more

My next chapter at Oregon State

Changes, changes.  One thing that is always true at an academic institution is that things just don’t stand still very long.  Jeremy Frumkin, my good friend and partner in crime here at OSU for the past 5+ years, has moved on to the University of Arizona, leaving some very big shoes for the library to… Read more

OCLC’s proposed new guidelines for the transfer of bibliographic records

OCLC, today has made available their proposed new policy for the transfer of bibliographic records.  You can read the documents for yourself: Policy (general): Policy Statement (1987): worldcat/records/guidelines/default.htm New proposed policy (2008): FAQ:   I took a sometime this morning to read through the proposed changes as well as the FAQs, and… Read more