Tracking Santa

This has been a tradition in our house for the past 4 years — but each Christmas eve, the boys and I use NORAD to “track” Santa.  It’s a neat, fun little thing that NORAD does that the kids really enjoy.  If you’ve never seen it, check it out:

LibraryFind 0.9: SOAP and REST APIs

While LibraryFind has always supported SOAP, LibraryFind 0.9 will finish the process of adding json apis for all the SOAP based apis.  This process started in LibraryFind and continued in release — but will be finished with 0.9.  I’m working up documentation for the Json calls (which basically emulate the SOAP calls for… Read more

Family Pictures

  So, I’ve posted a couple of pictures on my facebook page for folks wanting to see what the family is up to.  So for those interested, you can find: A couple pictures of the family at my brother’s wedding at: A couple pictures of this weeks snow at: A couple pictures of… Read more

And it just continues to fall…

While the idea of having snow on Christmas still sounds like a good idea, I have to admit, I’m ready to start seeing the white stuff melt away.  Unlike many other states (or places that get snow with some regularity), Oregon simply doesn’t so a little bit of snow turns normal, decent drivers, into morons. … Read more

MarcEdit 5.x update notes

So far so good.  A number of people have updated without snags.  However (there had to be one, right), if you are a new MarcEdit 5.x user (installed today) or someone using the MarcEngine5.Query object, I’ve pushed a new update that will solve a missing file and object issue.  If you updated and there were… Read more

MarcEdit 5.x update: addendum

One thing I did forget to highlight in the update [in reference to:].  A number of changes were made to the Delimited Text Translator — the most notable being a fix that allows data saved in UTF16 or UTF32 to be translated into UTF8 so that it can be used to generate MARC21 Data.… Read more

MarcEdit 5.x Update

It’s taken a little while to get this update finished, but I’m finally ready to make this available to the general public.  So what’s in the update?  Actually quite a bit, though I won’t go into a long list, but will say that there were some bug fixes (mostly related to UI or convenience functions),… Read more