Quick MarcEdit note

Just a couple of quick MarcEdit notes. As part of my campaign to make MarcEdit work better within group managed systems, I’ve been working on migrating MarcEdit’s installer from a general .exe setup to one using Microsoft’s MSI installer.  This will allow system administrators the ability to use Microsoft’s package management tools to distribute MarcEdit… Read more

What a long ride home

With the winter storms in the Willamette Valley moving from snow and ice to wind and rain, I’ve been enjoying a long week of riding into a stiff headwind (10-15 mph steady, 25-35 mph gusts) and getting soaked by the rain.  But that’s alright, that’s why I buy Gortex.  However, today was one of those… Read more

I think I like mod_rails

I’ve been doing a little performance and memory benchmarking, but let me say that I think I like mod_rails.  I’ll write up something a little bit later, but for distribution, mod_rails = sysadmin love.  Just install a gem, run an installer and add 5  lines to your httpd.conf file and your running.  As a bonus,… Read more