Top take-aways from Code4lib 2009

This is a very abbreviated list that I’ll expand with a longer, more formal report, but this years code4lib left me with a few specific take-aways: I need to spend some more serious time considering how Linked Data projects currently being developed could impact my library.  I followed peripherally the work that Ed Summers did… Read more

Yann Martel’s Life of Pi

I find that anymore, it’s very rare that I get an opportunity to really sit down and read a book simply for the fun of it.  As former English major and current librarian, this might seem sacrilegious, but I generally don’t have the time.  And when I do, I like to know that the books… Read more

‡ MarcEdit Plug-in

So, one of the presentations at Code4Lib this year discussed one of the latest initiatives to come out of the LibLime company, ‡  ‡ is a repository of ~30 million MARC records released under an Open Data license.  From my perspective, one of the things that I found most interesting about the ‡ platform is… Read more

Finally in Providence

Whew – made it in early enough to make my afternoon meetings and chat with a few folks.  The flight today was great.  Got upgraded to first class for the lion’s share of the trip, and got to get in some reading (the Life of Pi – so far, so good).  After my meetings, got… Read more

On my way to Providence

So, while my trip to Providence got off to a rocky start yesterday, I must say that I had a fantastic experience working with the Delta representatives getting it resolved, and as a bonus – this is the first time travelling as a Gold Medallion member – so when I checked in, I was automatically… Read more

WorldCat API: draft ruby gem

Since the WorldCat Grid API became available, I’ve spent odd periods of time playing with the services to see what kinds of things I could do and not do with the information being made available.  This was partly due to a desire to create an open source version of WorldCat Local.  It wouldn’t have been… Read more

We must be doing something right

Thursday, we sat down and met with Kenny’s teacher for a parent/teacher conference.  He’s doing exceptionally well.  He reads, writes, etc. all above grade level — and I understand is quite the orator during their sharing times. 🙂 Anyway, during the meeting, Kenny was asked to pick out a story that he’d written (a short… Read more

Trying out Windows 7 with the TV

One of the benefits of having a large flat screen TV is the wide abundance of video inputs.  At present, there are 8 on our TV, 4 HD,  2 RCA style, 1 cable and 1 PC connection (DVI).  This leaves lots of room for experimentation.  As noted on Saturday (, I picked up a netbook,… Read more

MarcEdit update notes

Since a few folks have asked, the update mentioned last week is coming along nicely.  At this point, I have a number of MarcEdit users that are testing new features and the install program (both individually and in an enterprise environment).  Things are looking good, so it will be out the door as soon as… Read more

New toys

So like most folks, I’m hanging out today kind of watching the super bowl – but am also playing with a new toy, my MSI Wind netbook.  This is a nifty little device, running a 1.6 ghz, 1 gb, 160 gb HD, 10.1 inch monitor weight about 2 lbs.  The machine came installed by default… Read more