MarcEdit 5.1 update

Couple of quick changes.  Delete Fields – you can delete multiple fields using “x? syntax, where the ‘x’ is no longer case sensitive.  For example: a) 900 – deletes the 900 field b) 90x – deletes fields 900, 901, 902, 903, etc. c) 9xX – deletes fields 900, 901, 902, 903…910, 911…920, 921, etc. Originally,… Read more

An OA mandate for the OSU library faculty

The OSU Library faculty recently adopted an OA mandate, which is pretty cool.  You can read about it here: and what a few others are saying about it: Peter Suber: Steven Harnad:,-68th-Worldwide.html I think that this is important on a number of levels. Symbolically, it’s important.  It’s very difficult for the library… Read more

MarcEdit Update

I just uploaded a new version of MarcEdit 5.1.  Most of the updates are related to changes in the MarcEditor.  So here’s the list of changes: MarcEdit Find (specifically when the regular expression option is selected) – Previously, when searches were done, items were located but the window didn’t scroll to the located item.  That’s… Read more

WorldCat API gem moved to rubyforge

I had mentioned that I’d quickly developed a helper gem for simplifying using the WorldCat API in ruby (at least, it greatly simplifies using the API for my needs).  This was created in part for C4L and partly because I’m moving access from Z39.50 to the API when working with LF and I basically wanted… Read more

Translating Project Gutenberg records

I wrote this up some time ago, but I still occasionally get questions about it (in fact, I got one today, hence this note).  The Project Gutenberg (PG) provides its metadata for download in RDF format on it’s website at:  I wrote an XSLT transformation for this data (fairly basic) when I was visiting… Read more

EAD => MARC tutorial

Just an FYI, since some people ask how we go about generating MARC records from our EAD records using MarcEdit…I’ve posted a short video tutorial.  What I didn’t include was the EAD translation (it’s somewhat specific to OSU), but I’m happy to add a link to it if anyone is interested. Anyway, you can find… Read more

LF WorldCat Connector

I’m going to spend some time getting the WorldCat API gem that I created before code4lib uploaded to rubyforge – but in the mean time, I’ve created a worldcat connector using this gem that is now in the LF 0.9 branch.  For LF 0.9.5 – the big change will be something that I learned about… Read more

MarcEdit 5.1 Update

Getting this last update out has taken a little more time than I would have liked, but I really wanted to think some of the issues that this update raised through so that the update process would be seamless.  Realistically, were I versioning MarcEdit in any realistic versioning process, this would likely be at the… Read more