Code4Lib PNW is on, June 4th in Portland

What started out as an idea to help out some colleagues stranded in state by travel restrictions will become a reality.  Kyle Banerjee and I hatched our plan in late March – since really no-one from the west coast was able to attend code4lib in providence (and won’t next year as well) – we figured… Read more

Pixar’s new movie – Up!

What a fantastic movie.  I love Pixar movies because I know that I can take the kids and they will enjoy it and there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll like it too.  However, after last year’s Wall-E (which I loved), I had pretty high expectations going into the theatre this afternoon when my wife… Read more

OLC MarcEdit Workshop

So, last week (May 20th), I had the opportunity to meet with about 56ish folks in Columbus, OH to talk about MarcEdit.  I don’t give MarcEdit workshops very often, though I have always enjoyed doing it when I have.  (The main reason I don’t is the time – I simply don’t have the time to… Read more

Weekend at timberline

So over the last weekend (Sat – Mon., May 16-18), I was at Timberline Lodge near Portland, Oregon for the annual Timberline Acquisitions Conference (9th annual anyway).  The conference is one that I would generally not attend (what do I know about acquisitions other than you buy things) – but this year I had been… Read more


So, I’ve been a little neglectful keeping up with the blogging due to a number of other outside activities.  Over the past couple of months, I’ve done a good deal of writing and publishing.  In order, I’ve had the following articles published: LRTS: Reese, T. (2009, April). Automated Metadata Harvesting: Low-Barrier MARC Record Generation from… Read more