LibraryFind 0.9.2 update

I posted this update Thursday.  It fixes some problems found in 0.9.1.  The main issue with 0.9.1 was that the svn got foobared a little bit and some files needed for install were left out of the package.  Files that were left out and errors that they caused: 1) migrations 031 & 032 – would… Read more

LibraryFind 0.9.2 update coming

I’ve been getting some questions from a number of people trying to upgrade to LF 0.9.1 and it appears that our SVN has gone a little wonky.  When I checked in the last set of changes, appearly, SVN marked a number of the files and keep the changes from moving from my development branch to… Read more

MarcEdit update

I posted an update to MarcEdit on Thursday.  The scope of the update is limited – a new function in the MarcEditor (copy field), enhancements to the validator, etc.  Nothing earth shaking.  I’m still working on a few larger initiatives – but wanted to get a few bug fixes/convenience functions out to people. As always,… Read more

Strawberry Century

Yesterday, Kyle and I finished up our first organized century of the year, the Strawberry Century (  I was really looking forward to this ride because it represented the first organized ride on my new bike. This week, I’d been doing a lot of riding to break things in.  Without counting this century, I’d put… Read more

My new bike

I just picked up a new bike.  It’s a Felt Z70.  Love this bike.  Can’t wait to take it on my first big ride.  Here’s a picture. –TR

Code4Lib PNW

Whew, what a lot of fun.  Today, we held our first meeting of the C4L PNW group.  This was a meeting that essentially got started after I returned from the C4L meeting in Providence and noticed that pretty much no one from the PNW was able to make the trip.  After a few conversations, Kyle… Read more