MarcEdit testing on ‘Nix (updates)

So far so good.  I’ve had a great response and am starting to get back feedback that I’ll be incorporating into work that I plan on doing this weekend to fix a few ‘Nix issues.  But I think that when the next MarcEdit release is posted – I’ll for the first time be including information… Read more

Last weekend at AALL

This last weekend I had the opportunity to head out to DC for a couple of days and present on the topic of modifying vendor records using MarcEdit to the American Association of Law Libraries.  It was a quick trip.  I flew in on Saturday and was out by Monday, but one that I enjoyed… Read more

Boys’ last track meet of the season

Wed., the boys had their last track meet of the season.  Well, officially, Kenny had his last track meet of the season.   Nathan isn’t technically in track, but they have an open 4 and under division that we let him pick 3 events to participate in.  Of course, that means that Alyce and I get… Read more

Right to left rendering Part II

So, a couple of a additional notes on this.  I got some feedback from my latest attempt and while I’m closer, there are still some significant issues.  Also, my testers and I weren’t seeing the same things on the screen when testing so I thought I’d follow up on two aspects of working with Right… Read more

Supporting Right to Left languages in MarcEdit

Life is a funny thing.  I’ve never been someone with a distinct desire to understand the intricacies of language or characters.  That’s stuff that my wife enjoys – she’s the linguist while I’ve barely mastered English. 🙂 Yet, here I am, thanks to MarcEdit, having to become much more familiar with character sets and language… Read more

A long weekend reprised

I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July weekend.  We had a good one.  Our little town of Independence, OR goes all out on the 4th.  They have two fireworks celebrations (one for the locals, one for everyone else) – they have a mini-marathon, a large parade and a carnival that goes on for… Read more