MarcEdit 5.2 update/Linux download

For some time, I’ve been working on a development branch of MarcEdit to provide better (i.e., official) support for the application on Linux.  This was actually one of the big reasons behind the change in program languages from a mix of Assembly/Delphi to C#, as well as my interest and periodic activity with the Mono… Read more

XP Virtualization in Windows 7

I generally prefer to run Sun’s VirtualBox for virtualization – but the fact that Microsoft provides a free version of XP for virtualization was too good to pass up for my testing purposes.  Installing XP Mode was easy enough – but what I found interesting was how Microsoft integrated the XP Mode.  While you can… Read more

MarcEdit 5.2 Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that I posted an update to MarcEdit.  These are the highlights: Z39.50 — Updating UTF conversion so source character set can be specified Swap Field Function — updating the function to allow multiple subfields to link to a single subfield Sorting Fix Find All Update — Fixed some… Read more