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While I was looking through my web stats the other day, I realized that for the first time, I was able to get a rough look at how often MarcEdit gets utilized during a normal day.  A few months ago, I added the capability for MarcEdit to automatically check for updates.  This has been really well received (and has made management of new releases much easier) – but one of the unintended side affects, is that when that version check occurs, a hit gets generated on the web server.  While I don’t have direct access to my log files (thanks to University policy) – I can get rough hit counts on specific files, coupled with reports on unique users and a nifty little map that shows the country where hits were generated.  And while it’s not a tremendous amount of information, it’s very cool to have just that.  I’ve always been able to see how often the program gets downloaded (just over 10k times monthly) – but now can get a rough idea of usage as well.  Looking at the last two days (March 22 and 23rd) – MarcEdit was utilized by 2,351 unique users, across 59 countries.  This surprises me – and is slightly humbling – to think that this many users have found and trust MarcEdit to help them with their daily work.  It also helps me to validate the work that has gone into the development of this application.  I’ve worked on MarcEdit publicly for nearly 10 years now, and have had the opportunity to meet and work with hundreds of individuals because of it.  It’s always been my sincere hope that MarcEdit would be/and will continue to be helpful to the library community – and I’d like to think that it has been.

Couple of other fun MarcEdit facts:

  • Lines of Code to the MarcEdit.exe application (UI code primarily): 55,116 lines
  • Lines of Code in the MARCEngine (including translations):  17,092
  • Total Lines of Code to the MarcEdit application/Libraries (minus ancillary tools):  574,271 lines of code
  • Total lines (including ancillaries): ~700,000 lines

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MarcEdit 5.2 update

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I’ve been busy this week working on a few more updates. This week, I was able to squash a couple of bugs, fix a few UI issues and add a couple of enhancements. Here’s the highlights of what’s been corrected:

Bug Fixes:

  • MARCEngine: When converting to UTF-8 using the MarcMaker – the leader byte indicating that data is UTF8 is now being set.
  • MARCEngine: If you break a file and convert to UTF8 and then Make the file, and convert the file to UTF8, the diacritics would get mangled. When you perform this process in MarcEdit, you only have to do it one (so break – then don’t do it again, or make and don’t do it again – because MarcEdit will always treat that file as UTF8). However, many people check the box twice and this was causing a problem. This has been corrected.
  • Task Editor – When attempting to edit a delete field task, it will raise an error message. This has been corrected.
  • MarcEditor Tools Menu – Defined Tasks: If you opened the Manage Task , then close it – the Editor will duplicate the defined tasks. This has been corrected.
  • Help button in the Edit Subfield tool when editing control fields has been linked.
  • MARC Spy link has been added (under the MARC Tools FAQ)


  • Task Manager and Edit windows have been configured to be resizable.
  • Swap Field Function has been added to the Task Automation tool.
  • Windows Character Map has been linked to the MarcEditor – under the Edit Menu Item.

These are the highlights. As always – if you have questions, comments or suggestions for enhancements, let me know.

For those of you running a current version of MarcEdit, your program should prompt you to update the next time you start the program. Otherwise, you can download the updates from:

· Windows Installer: MarcEdit_Setup.msi

· Zip File:


MarcEdit 5.2 Updates

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First, a big thank you to folks that sent me feedback on the new Task Automation tool. I’ve taken that feedback and put together an update to address some of the usability questions. Changes made for this update:

  1. Ability to clone existing tasks
  2. Ability to rename tasks
  3. Ability to reorder tasks
  4. Ability to Edit Task steps
  5. Bug Fix: Regular Expressions in tasks were being escaped and not processing correctly. This has been fixed.
  6. MarcEditor – Tools Menu. New option added as a child to assigned Tasks – this allows users not only see tasks with associated shortcuts – but also see and run any defined task.
  7. Export Settings – a new little function found on the main window, under file – that allows users to export their user settings. This will package items together for re-import into MarcEdit. This function is useful when users wish to share configuration files, tasks, macros, etc. between machines.
  8. Import Settings – imports a settings package back into MarcEdit. When you import settings – these overwrite your existing configuration settings. So, if you import tasks, macros, XSLT functions – these will replace any locally defined functions.
  9. There were a handful of UI changes primarily to the task window.

I’ve added a couple of additional tutorials to YouTube to address the changes mentioned in this update. Links to these:

  1. MarcEdit Task Automation Maintenance:
  2. MarcEdit: Exporting local Settings to another computer:
  3. MarcEdit: Importing settings to your local computer:

As always, updates can be found at:


MarcEdit 5.2 Update

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Hi all,

I have just uploaded a new version of MarcEdit to the website.  This version specifically addresses two bugs and introduces the Task Automation function into the application. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Changes not saved in the MarcEditor:
    Under certain conditions, MarcEdit would lose track of changes made within the program.  This occurred primarily after changes had been made and then the Find All Function was used.  This has been corrected as of this version.
  • Save As…file not found error:
    When using Save As to Save data, MarcEdit would throw an error if the file being saved did not previously exist.  This has been corrected as of this version.
  • Invalid prompts to save a file before closing:
    MarcEdit tended to error on the side of always asking users to save their data before closing.   However, even if a user had saved their data, the message may still have popped up.  This has been corrected as of this version.
  • Find/Replace – replacing without using Match Case:
    While it is always recommended when doing global replacements to do them using the Match Case option – prior to this version, unchecking the match case option would cause the replacement to take too many characters.  This has been corrected as of this version.


  • Task Automation tool:
    The task automation tool is a recorder that allows users chain together replacement functions.  Sadly, I haven’t been able to add information to the help file, however, I did record the following video tutorial to provide some initial background to get started using the function.  One quick note – this is a new tool so when using it, please verify changes.  Moreover, feedback is definitely appreciated.
    Video Tutorial:

You can download the updated version of MarcEdit at: MarcEdit_Setup.msi or the Linux/Mac/Other version build at: