More fun MarcEdit facts

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I was perusing the download logs since I was in the process of rotating them, and found a couple of fun things for Sept.1 – Sept. 16, 2010:

  1. Number of unique visitors:  6,000+
  2. Number of ping-backs to the update server:  19,359
  3. Top 10 Geographical Areas for use:
    1. * United States
    2. * Australia
    3. * United Kingdom
    4. * Canada
    5. Spain
    6. Hong Kong
    7. India
    8. Japan
    9. Italy
    10. Russian Federation
      * Those that I’ve visited.  Actually, I was in Australia last Oct. (2009) for some grant work.  Had I realized there were so many users, I’d have tried to say hi to a few.  In the future, as I travel abroad, I’ll make sure I send a shout out.
  4. Users from the countries I had to look-up: MAURITIUS (looks like a wonderful place to visit) and MACAO