2010 Reese Family Pumpkins

As usual, I set aside 4-5 hours to work on the family pumpkins.  This year, I think that we came up with a good crop.  Nathan and Kenny decided they wanted Mario characters, I decided to take Puss from Shrek 2 and Alyce picked David Tennant, our favorite Dr. from the new Dr. Who series. … Read more

MarcEdit update

So, MarcEdit has been updated. There are now two installers. A 32-bit installer and a 64-bit installer. These are found at: 32-bit Installer: MarcEdit_Setup.msi 64-bit Installer: MarcEdit_Setup64.msi If you have a 64-bit system, I recommend uninstalling MarcEdit and downloading the 64-bit installer. If you don’t, MarcEdit will update itself this time, using the 32-bit installer.… Read more