Evolution of MarcEdit

This weekend, I started working on a writing project – kind of a MarcEdit instructional, and in pulling together some information about the evolution of MarcEdit, I found something interesting – I still have functioning versions of MarcEdit from version 1-present.  Knowing what the program looks like now, I found it interesting (and slightly embarrassing)… Read more

MarcEdit: Setting Preferences

I’ll be bringing back one function to MarcEdit – the ability to assign extensions to specific functions in MarcEdit.  This was something that was available in MarcEdit 4.x – but I removed in the 5.x series.  After a few requests, I’ve brought it back.  However, it’s slightly different and I hope a little bit better.… Read more

MarcEdit fun fact

Since March 10, 2010 when MarcEdit included an automatic updater – the automated updating service has been pinged approximately 670,000 times.  Curious to see if service hits gets close to 700-725 K by the end of a 12 month period. –TR