MarcEdit 5.5 Update

I’ve posted the MarcEdit 5.5 update.  This is a major update in that it updates the program from .NET 3 to .NET 4.  Here’s the full list of changes: –TR Changes for this version: 1) Bug fix to the OCLC Classify service (when a local OCLC number is present, depending on the prefix, it can… Read more

Installing MarcEdit on Linux–a How To

I posted a YouTube video at: Installing MarcEdit on Linux That shows the process for installing MarcEdit on Linux using Mono.  While this demo shows how to install MarcEdit 5.5 (which will drop around April) – the general install process is the same. I’ll be doing the same thing for a Mac install demo sometime… Read more

Changes to the automatic updater

So, one of the things that I’ve been trying to do for a while is make it easier for users to update MarcEdit.  To that end, I introduced an automatic updater that allowed users to be prompted and automatically download new updates for their machines.  And with those changes, things were good…well, for me anyway,… Read more