Reese Family 2011 Pumpkins

So, I finished up working on the last of the 2011 Reese Family pumpkins.  We ended up doing 5 pumpkins this year, and I ended up being very happy with all of them.  I’ve posted the first two already, but I’m going include them here again, so I can put them all in one list.… Read more

2011 Jack-o-lantern #1

Around Halloween, the pumpkin carving usually begins in earnest.  Today, I completed the first of our 5 pumpkins.  This one is mine – and I decided to go with the OSU Beaver in honor of the whooping the football team put on Washington State this last weekend.  Hopefully it will display proudly through next weekend… Read more

MarcEdit 5.6: MarcEdit Intellisense

In MarcEdit 5.6, I’ve added support for a number of new mnemonic values.  This means that MarcEdit now supports a really long list of mnemonic values.  To make it easier for people using mnemonics – I’ve added an intellisense to the MarcEdit application.  When a user types { the application will automatically pop-up the list… Read more

MarcEdit 5.6: New mnemonic values

I’ve had a few people ask me to include some additional convenience mnemonics to MarcEdit to make it easier for people entering mnemonics in MARC-8 mode.  The mnemonic list now includes the following elements (see below): –TR aacute — á Aacute — ? abreve — ă Abreve — Ă acirc — â Acirc — Â… Read more

MarcEdit 5.6’s XSLT Registry

MarcEdit’s XML Functions tool gives users the ability to create and register new XSLT functions with the MarcEdit Application.  However, one of the questions that occasionally comes up is how do I share or find new XSLT’s that may work with MarcEdit.  When a user installs MarcEdit, I provide as part of the installation package… Read more

MarcEdit 5.6 available

MarcEdit 5.6 has been posted for download.  If you are currently running MarcEdit via Windows and have the automatic updating function enabled, you’ll be notified of the update automatically.  The current changes to the application are as follows: Bug Fix: Swap fields tool — when moving data from a variable field to a control field… Read more