Proof of concept redux

So I’ve been spending my time making a few changes to my proof of concept cataloging application using my phone.  A couple of things that I’ve learned along the way: No matter how good the OCR is, I’m not sure it ever gets to a point where you can just happily scan a catalog card… Read more

MarcEdit 5.7 update posted

The latest MarcEdit update has been baked and pushed out the door.  If you are running a current version of MarcEdit, you can expect to see the program prompt you for update (unless you’ve disabled that functionality).  Otherwise, you can find the update at:  Originally, this update was planned to be primarily cosmetic, with… Read more

Hybrid storage solutions

While I was at the PASIG conference this last weekend, a number of people talked about the death of the harddrive, at least in the sense of our personal portable devices.  The popularity of ultrabooks and small form notebooks was discussed many times, noting that personal computing will move more and more away from local… Read more

Probably time to rethink our icons

One of my boys has really been on a bit of a writing jag lately.  I’m guessing that it’s because I write a lot for my job  (and his mom writes a lot as well) and they have a lot of stories that they’d like to tell.  Well, my youngest had asked me to setup… Read more