Running PHP from the comand line (CLI)

I occasionally have occasion to build small projects (web and command line) to do various things.  A lot of times, these projects could be done in things like Rails or another framework, but honestly, I don’t need that much overhead so I fall back to using PHP or PERL.  Between the two, I prefer working… Read more

C# Koha API library – code repository

I’ve placed C# code library that I’m using in MarcEdit up on my github account: for those that are interested.  License for this code is CC0.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to work with users or vendors from the other platforms to provide libraries in C# for their implementations as well. Cheers, –TR

Using the Koha API with C#

I’ve been tinkering with the Koha API to allow MarcEdit to do some direct ILS integration with Koha-based systems.  When I first agreed to look at doing this work, I wasn’t sure what the API looked like.  Fortunately for me, the folks that put it together made it simple and easy to work with.  There… Read more

MarcEdit – Direct ILS Integration

With all the new ILS systems being produced and the emphasis being placed on support for API support, one of the things that I’d like to eventually see is the ability to integrate directly with specific ILS systems to allow users to pull content directly from their systems (in batch or individually), edit the records… Read more