MarcEdit 5.9 update

[Please note, it appears that the OSU network is a little wonky right now – so if for some reason you have trouble downloading the update, try again at a later period.  Unfortunately, due to the holidays, the domain will continue to be up and down until after Christmas.] This MarcEdit update spans a… Read more

MarcEdit API Addition: BatchZ3950SearchEx

In early December 2012, I added a new API to the MarcEdit API that allowed a single Z39.50 Search to provide the results back as an array of Objects (rather than just a big string dump).  You can read more about that at:  I’ve now added the compliment function for the BatchZ39.50 function: BatchZ3950SearchEx. … Read more

MarcEdit 5.8 Update posted

Sorry this one came in late – I had planned on posting this one on Sunday but wasn’t able to get it finished due to an error in the build process.  However, those issues have been resolved and the update has been posted.  This update includes new feature and a few enhancements: [New Feature] Direct… Read more

MarcEdit 5.8 API Addition: Z3950SearchEx

MarcEdit has two COM and .NET API for providing Z39.50 searching – one API provides access to a Single Query and one a batch query: [Z3950Search & BatchZ3950Search].  Both of these options deposit returned data into a file.  However, I’ve been asked if the single search can also provide an array of objects.  COM doesn’t… Read more