MarcEdit 7 staging

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

As of 12 am, Nov. 27 – I’ve staged all the content for MarcEdit 7. Technically, if you download the current build from the Release Candidate page – you’ll get the new code. However – there’s a couple things I need to test and finish prepping, so I’m just staging content tonight. Things left to test:

  1. Automated update – I need to make sure that the update mechanism has switched gracefully to the new code-base, and I can’t test that without staging an update. So, that’s what I’m going to do tomorrow. Currently, I have the code running, tomorrow, I’ll update the build number and stage an update for testing purposes.
  2. I need to update the Cleaner program – while MarcEdit is easier to clean when installed only in the user space, the problem is that if an update becomes corrupted, you still have to remove a registry key. Those keys are hard to find, and the cleaner just needs to be updated to automatically find them and remove them when necessary.
  3. I want to update the delivery mechanism on the website. With MarcEdit 7, there are 4 Windows installers – 2 that install without administrative permissions, 2 that do. I’d recommend that users install the versions that do not require administrative permissions, but there may be times when the other version is more appropriate (like if you have more than one users signing in on a machine). I’m working on a mechanism that will enable users to select 32 or 64 bit, and then get the 2 appropriate download links, within information related to which version would be recommended and the use cases each version is designed for.

Questions, let me know.