The MarcEdit 7 Song

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

MarcEdit 7 represents the next generation of the MarcEdit software. And aside from having new features, new options, and better performance – MarcEdit 7 also has its own song. Yes, Jeff Edmunds, a writer and creator of many cataloging songs (which I can’t seem to find on YouTube any longer – which is definitely a shame). I’d asked Jeff at one point why MarcEdit didn’t have a song, so he wrote one. Seriously though, as faculty, researchers, librarians – we sometimes take the work that we do a little too seriously. I like to periodically remind myself that not only am I fortunate to have the opportunity to have a position that affords me the opportunity to do research and contribute to a vibrant community; I have a lot of a fun doing it. And so, like all serious software releases, I present to you, the MarcEdit 7 song introducing MarcEdit 7.

Welcome to MarcEdit 7 — the MarcEdit Song