MarcEdit’s new Logging Features

Over the years, I’ve periodically gotten requests for a much more robust logger in MarcEdit.  Currently, when the tool performs a global change, it reports the number of changes made to the user.  However, a handful of folks have been wanting much more.  Ideally, they’d like to have a log of every change the application… Read more

MarcEdit Update Notes

Posted Sept. 1, this update resolves a couple issues.  Particularly: Windows/Linux: * Bug Fix: Custom Field Sorting: Fields without the sort field may drop the LDR.  This has been corrected.* Bug Fix: OCLC Integration: regression introduced with the engine changes when dealing with diacritics.  This has been corrected.* Bug Fix: MSI Installer: AUTOUPDATE switch wasn’t… Read more

MarcEdit Alma Integration

Over the past month, I’ve been working with ExLibris (thank you to Ori Miller at ExLibris) and Boston College (thanks to Margaret Wolfe) to provide direct integration between MarcEdit and Alma via the Alma Apis.  Presently, the integration allows users to search, create, and update records.  Setup is pretty easy (I think) and once you… Read more

Building a better MarcEdit for Mac users

This all started with a conversation over twitter ( about a week ago.  A discussion about why the current version of MarcEdit is so fragile when being run on a Mac.  The short answer has been that MarcEdit utilizes a cross platform toolset when building the UI which works well on Linux and Windows systems,… Read more

MarcEdit 101 Webinar Series

The MarcEdit 101 Webinar Series were created over the course of multiple months for the CARLI ( consortium in Spring 2015.  In late March 2015, CARLI reached out to me and requested that these webinars be made available to the larger MarcEdit community, so if you find these webinars useful, please reach out and thank… Read more

Working with SPARQL in MarcEdit

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on expanding the linking services that MarcEdit can work with in order to create identifiers for controlled terms and headings.  One of the services that I’ve been experimenting with is NLM’s beta SPARQL endpoint for MESH headings.  MESH has always been something that is a bit… Read more

MarcEdit Start Page Changes

**A number of members of the MarcEdit community provided feedback while working on these changes.  Specifically, Heidi Frank (NYU) and Jim Taylor (of for contributing their time and some artistic skill in creating some of the new functional icons. In addition to a handful of bug fixes and enhancements, one of the big changes… Read more

MarcEdit 5.2 Update

Hi all, I have just uploaded a new version of MarcEdit to the website.  This version specifically addresses two bugs and introduces the Task Automation function into the application.  Bug Fixes: Changes not saved in the MarcEditor: Under certain conditions, MarcEdit would lose track of changes made within the program.  This occurred primarily after changes… Read more