MarcEdit 5.9 Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I’ve been trying to remember how this started, but for a number of years now, it always seems like I am posting MarcEdit updates around important days and events, and today is no exception.  I have for the community’s consideration a new MarcEdit update.  It corrects a handful of bugs and includes most of the scaffolding code that I need to implement the OCLC integration.  I’d liked to have finished that work, but one of the bugs is a stopper for some community members using the merge tool, so I wanted to get it out sooner rather than later.  So, to that end, I’ve split my planned update into two parts.  Part 1, which is what you can pick up today, includes the following changes:

  1. Bug Fix: New Main window — default settings, the delimited text translator would sometimes mark as disabled.  Corrected
  2. Bug Fix: Merge Tool — when a record has a 776 but no subfield w, a null exception would be thrown
  3. Bug Fix: Add/Delete Function — when on high resolution monitors, the add when field present wouldn’t be drawn correctly.
  4. Enhancements: Add/Delete Function — New function added to provide the ability to do batch searching when doing deletions.
  5. Bug Fix: MARC-8 conversion — when working with a file of mixed case, in the MarcEditor, when a field has multiple, like diacritics in the line, the conversion may fail.  This has been corrected.
  6. Enhancement: Added {euro} as a recognized mnemonic.
  7. Enhancements: Internal scaffolding around the OCLC API

Now a word about the OCLC API scaffolding.  One of the things that had to be added with this is the ability to process JSON data – which means that one of the updates to the MARCEngine is the ability to process MARC data as JSON and JSON (a couple different flavors) back into MARC.  At some point I might be interested in talking to the folks that primarily utilize the MarcEdit API, because I’ll likely expose this functional as a new streaming object that could be utilized for other development purposes.  In fact, if I can find the development space, I may setup a proof of concept ASPX.NET program that essentially is a set of web services that can take MARC, MARCXML, JSON and provide outputs just to provide some information about how this might be able to be used.  But that’s someone down the road (because I have to find a place to host the project).

Part 2 of the update is tentatively being planned for next weekend.  This will include the interaction with the OCLC WorldCat API, specifically providing the ability to do batch holdings updates and interact directly with WorldCat.  Additionally, I’m taking a look at the Call Number tool and adding the ability to generate FAST headings into records when the Call Number tool is utilized.  And finally, I’m going through the validator and updating the rules file.  A number of changes have happened since I last updated the data, so I’ll be working through that.  Those are the primary changes scheduled for the next update, so if I’m missing something (or missed something), let me know.

In this current update, the biggest noticeable enhancement is the inclusion of the ability to do field deletions using a file containing multiple criteria.  This essentially could allow you to have a file of specific data to be removed, and process all the changes at once through the batch removal tool.  I’ll be looking for feedback as people start using it so I can see if I need to refine and update the interface.  But I think it will work out well for now.

Finally, I’d mentioned that updates somehow seem to fall on important events…well, today is one of the most important to me.  Sixteen years ago, I somehow convinced my best friend to also be my wife.  We have two great kids together, lots of great memories, and like so many years ago, I can still honestly say that she is my best friend.  I’m certain I wouldn’t be half as successful professionally or in life without her love and support.  So, while I hope folks enjoy the update and find something useful in it, be aware that if you have a question, you’ll need to forgive me if I let it pass today.

The update…you can get it like usual using MarcEdit’s automated update function, or downloading it directly from: