ALA 2008 Report and Impressions

So another ALA annual has come and gone and it’s time to jot down my notes and impressions from my time here in Anaheim.  Of all the events I attend during the year, ALA is the one that I have the most difficult time quantifying what I actually get from the organization.  One the one… Read more

Code4Lib 2008 begins

And so it begins.  Well, actually begins yesterday.  Yesterday Jeremy, Tami Herlocker and I gave a LibraryFind preconference.  Kindof an installfest that didn’t turn out that way thanks to Parallels on my laptop.  That’s ok — lots of good questions afterwards and now we have a very good install document — but still a little… Read more

Summer ALA 2007

This years Annual ALA conference was in Washington DC and was a first for me in that this was the first year that I brought my oldest son, Kenny with me on my travels.  For Kenny, ALA was an exciting trip.  This represented the first time that he has really left Oregon (outside of going… Read more

Finally, in Athens

So Kyle and I finally made our way from Oregon to Athens, Georgia for Code4Lib.  Apparently, we missed a big storm in the Valley.  Apparently, the wind is blowing 30-45 mph with cold, slushy rain falling off an on.  I was told that it hit hard around 5 am.  Fortunately (depending on your point of… Read more

Fun at the space needle

III had their ALA get together at the Space Needle.  It’s a very cool place and they had my usual favorites — the chocolate fountain with chocolate covered strawberries.  Actually, the strawberries were covered in white and dark chocolate — with the strawberries looking like they are wearing tuxedos (I loved it).  And they had… Read more

Goodbye Ottawa

So for me, Access 2006 has come to a close.  Thank you Ottawa for the night terrors (courtesy of the ghost walk :)), the Art Center, the gorgeous weather (the rain made me feel like home) and a fantastic group of speakers and topics over the past 3 days.  There was Roy’s talk on the… Read more

Access 2006, Day 2

Sadly, I think I’m starting to wear down a little bit from all the travel this month.  Morning sessions (and morning bike ride) — great.  But its 5:30 now and I’m definitely tired.  If it wasn’t for the Ghost Walk, and a chance to chat with a few folks tonight, I’d probably just grab my… Read more

Hackfest 2006

So this has been my first year attending the hackfest and my first impressions has been, pretty cool.  Hackfest, for those that weren’t able to attend or have never attended, is a social outing (my opinion) that brings together a number of folks interested in technology to address a group of common problems within libraries. … Read more