Finally, in Athens

By reeset / On / In Code4Lib 2007

So Kyle and I finally made our way from Oregon to Athens, Georgia for Code4Lib.  Apparently, we missed a big storm in the Valley.  Apparently, the wind is blowing 30-45 mph with cold, slushy rain falling off an on.  I was told that it hit hard around 5 am.  Fortunately (depending on your point of view), I was up at 2:30 this morning to drive up to PDX for my flight — so I basically missed it. 

Flight was uneventful — though the drive to Athens was fun.  Got into the Airport and picked up a car from Enterprise.  I originally hadn’t planned on driving, but my flight home is early enough that I didn’t want to trust the bus to get me there.  So, picked up a car and got the full treatment of Atlanta Rush-hour, fighting my way up 85 N.  Thank goodness for the car pool lane.  Kyle and I were able to skip a lot of the traffic by using the carpool lane. 

Found Athens, then lost our way to our hotel, then found it.  So bring on the conference.