Strawberry Century

Yesterday, Kyle and I finished up our first organized century of the year, the Strawberry Century (  I was really looking forward to this ride because it represented the first organized ride on my new bike. This week, I’d been doing a lot of riding to break things in.  Without counting this century, I’d put… Read more

What a long ride home

With the winter storms in the Willamette Valley moving from snow and ice to wind and rain, I’ve been enjoying a long week of riding into a stiff headwind (10-15 mph steady, 25-35 mph gusts) and getting soaked by the rain.  But that’s alright, that’s why I buy Gortex.  However, today was one of those… Read more

new shoes and dry feet

A lot of folks know that cycling for me is a year round event.  Well, during the winter, the weather turns dark, cold and wet.  Now, it’s not nearly as cold as those folks that live in snowy weather climates, but it pretty much starts raining in Oct and then stops sometime around May.  So,… Read more

Feeling my age

Watching my two boys (6 and 3) is amazing.  They have boundless energy.  I remember when I had boundless energy.  Today, I feel like I’m stuck in the mud.  After 600 miles on the bike and about 60 miles running over the past two weeks I’m tired and sore (not a good, since I’ve still… Read more

Longing for some sunshine

Thank goodness we are coming to the end of winter riding season.  For the first time in a long time, I’d decided to log my commuting trips throughout the year to get a better idea of how many commuting miles I keep off my car.  The Bicycle Transportation Alliance (who does a fun little bike… Read more

Packing on the miles

I need to thank Kyle — because of him, I’m riding quite a few more miles during the winter than normal.  In a normal year, I’d say that I put approximately 10,000 or so commuting miles on my bike (this doesn’t include my recreational riding).  However, once winter comes around, I generally start cutting back… Read more

Travel karma

After spending two weeks running around Vermont hiking, biking and finding a little time to speak to friends at Middlebury College and the Readex Institute — I’ve apparently had a little too good of a time because when I got back, the cycling gremlins jumped all over me.  Monday — my first day back —… Read more

Travel fun

I’ve been fortunate to get to spend the last few days in the beautiful state of Vermont.  This isn’t my first time here, nor do I think it will be my last.  I’ve been here since Friday…visiting friends in Middlebury, though I will find some time the first week of Oct. to do a little… Read more

Riding in the dark

Today marked the first day since last winter where I road home in utter blackness.  Generally, this would happen much later in the year but I hung around Corvallis a bit later than usual and started for home a little after 8 pm.  While it’s dark at 8 pm, it gets really dark after 8:30… Read more

Wounded pride

So this is downright embarrassing.  For the second time in about a month, I’ve basically just tipped over on my bike and fallen off.  The first time it happened, I had gotten cut off and couldn’t get my feet out of my cleats fast enough to keep from falling.  That was less embarrassing since it wasn’t… Read more