Moving to Ohio

If you haven’t heard by now, I’m leaving Oregon State University.  After 13 years at the Oregon State University Libraries, my family and I are pulling up stakes and heading to Columbus, Ohio to take the position of Head, Digital Initiatives at The Ohio State University Libraries.  It has been a fantastic 13 years, filled… Read more

Building your own reminder system

One of the hats I wear is as a member of the Independence Library Board.  I love it because I don’t work with public libraries as often as I’d like to in my real job, and honestly, the Independence Public Library is the center of the community.  The Library is a center for adults looking… Read more

2011 Jack-o-lantern #1

Around Halloween, the pumpkin carving usually begins in earnest.  Today, I completed the first of our 5 pumpkins.  This one is mine – and I decided to go with the OSU Beaver in honor of the whooping the football team put on Washington State this last weekend.  Hopefully it will display proudly through next weekend… Read more

Civil War hair

While my team didn’t win the civil war, I’ve had a good time this year dyeing my hair various shades of orange.  For the civil war, I decided to go with more of an ‘80’s style.  This was after the game with the family.

2010 Reese Family Pumpkins

As usual, I set aside 4-5 hours to work on the family pumpkins.  This year, I think that we came up with a good crop.  Nathan and Kenny decided they wanted Mario characters, I decided to take Puss from Shrek 2 and Alyce picked David Tennant, our favorite Dr. from the new Dr. Who series. … Read more

What I did this week

So, with the summer winding down, I decided to take the family for a bit of a vacation – and then took a vacation day on my own with my dad.  Here’s a few pictures of the adventures. Travelling with the family Because of my injury this summer, my wife and I have been taking… Read more

Jack-o-lanterns 2009

As the habit here at my house, the boys and I finally got our jack-o-lanterns finished for this year.  Well, mostly finished.  I still need to make one for work – but I got the important ones finished.  The boys really look forward to our pumpkin carving nights.  We spend a good deal of time… Read more

Kenny’s 8th Birthday

On Aug. 1st, 2001 at 11:29 pm, my wife and I welcomed Kenneth Terry Reese to the world, and from that day forward, he’s added nothing but joy to our lives.  And from the moment I saw him, I fell in love with him.  The funny thing about kids, especially your first child, is that… Read more

Boys’ last track meet of the season

Wed., the boys had their last track meet of the season.  Well, officially, Kenny had his last track meet of the season.   Nathan isn’t technically in track, but they have an open 4 and under division that we let him pick 3 events to participate in.  Of course, that means that Alyce and I get… Read more