Hybrid storage solutions

While I was at the PASIG conference this last weekend, a number of people talked about the death of the harddrive, at least in the sense of our personal portable devices.  The popularity of ultrabooks and small form notebooks was discussed many times, noting that personal computing will move more and more away from local… Read more

Probably time to rethink our icons

One of my boys has really been on a bit of a writing jag lately.  I’m guessing that it’s because I write a lot for my job  (and his mom writes a lot as well) and they have a lot of stories that they’d like to tell.  Well, my youngest had asked me to setup… Read more

Geneseo Resource Sharing project

For the first time, in a really long time, I won’t be home on Mother’s Day.  A trip to Boston last week was extended to include some time in NY to talk to friends and the Geneseo library about the resource sharing project that they are working on.   I was really impressed by the work… Read more

Sun to begin Close sourcing parts of MySQL Development

I remember mentioning (http://blog.reeset.net/archives/490) that I wasn’t sure why, but I wasn’t wild about Sun aquiring MySQL.  And then today, I seen this link picked up on Slashdot (http://jcole.us/blog/archives/2008/04/14/just-announced-mysql-to-launch-new-features-only-in-mysql-enterprise/).  Apparently, Sun will start close sourcing parts of the code-base, making specific elements of the database (think enterprise level functionality), available to MySQL Enterprise customers.  I… Read more

atscap and pchdtvr GPL revoked or can it be

I’ve never used this package (apparently its used for HDTV scheduling/recording on Linux), but this link on Slashdot caught my eye: http://sourceforge.net/developer/diary.php?diary_id=26407&diary_user=147583.  Apparently, the developer of this software package is seeking to revoke the GPL license not just for his current code, but his past code/package as well.  I have a difficult time believing that… Read more

Is IT becoming too disposable?

This is something that came up when I was expanding my thoughts from one of my “non-lita tech trends” earlier this morning and the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’m finding it weighing on my mind.  I’m wondering if we are making our hardware too disposable in the name of convenience.  This comes… Read more

My non-LITA top tech trends

(Note, I started this post last night, but had to put it away so I could get some rest before a 6 am flight.  I finished the remainder of this while waiting for my flight).  So, after getting up way to early this morning, I staggered my way down to the LITA Top Tech Trends… Read more