Google and the future of search

I was reading through my blog reader this morning and ran across Nicolas Carr’s somewhat snarky comment of an interview done by Google CEO Eric Schmidt (  It made me laugh, but I wanted to actually read the interview since the Google folks lately have been making some very oddly un-Googlish statements regarding privacy or,… Read more

Random Google Thoughts

I was following a thread today talking about some of the legal wrangling’s related to Google and their Google Books project.  The message that made me laugh was a series where someone had commented that Google had long since forgotten their ‘do no evil’ philosophy and have become pure evil.  Of which, someone said it was… Read more

Google turning spook?

I’d be curious to know how much truth their is to the article found on the UK’s Register.  I was glancing through slashdot and was pointed to an article on Google working on ways to utilize a PC’s built-in microphone to essentially catalog the conversations, sounds, etc. around the machine to target advertising to the… Read more

Amazon jumps off the Google ship

Its been noted in a few places around the blogsphere, but a number of notable Google-partners have been jumping ship.  The largest of these partners has been Amazon.  Amazon, who’s search engine, A9, utilized google to provide web search results, has moved to Microsoft’s new Live search service.  The switch came as a bit of… Read more

Google Chat

Just a few random thoughts about Google Chat.  Since use my Gmail account for quite a bit of communication, I find that I’m nearly always logged in.  Well, because of that, I use Google’s Chat a lot.  Generally, in other chat clients, I tend to never log my conversations — but just today, I was… Read more