LibraryFind 0.9.2 update

I posted this update Thursday.  It fixes some problems found in 0.9.1.  The main issue with 0.9.1 was that the svn got foobared a little bit and some files needed for install were left out of the package.  Files that were left out and errors that they caused: 1) migrations 031 & 032 – would… Read more

LibraryFind 0.9.2 update coming

I’ve been getting some questions from a number of people trying to upgrade to LF 0.9.1 and it appears that our SVN has gone a little wonky.  When I checked in the last set of changes, appearly, SVN marked a number of the files and keep the changes from moving from my development branch to… Read more

LF WorldCat Connector

I’m going to spend some time getting the WorldCat API gem that I created before code4lib uploaded to rubyforge – but in the mean time, I’ve created a worldcat connector using this gem that is now in the LF 0.9 branch.  For LF 0.9.5 – the big change will be something that I learned about… Read more

I think I like mod_rails

I’ve been doing a little performance and memory benchmarking, but let me say that I think I like mod_rails.  I’ll write up something a little bit later, but for distribution, mod_rails = sysadmin love.  Just install a gem, run an installer and add 5  lines to your httpd.conf file and your running.  As a bonus,… Read more

LibraryFind 0.9: SOAP and REST APIs

While LibraryFind has always supported SOAP, LibraryFind 0.9 will finish the process of adding json apis for all the SOAP based apis.  This process started in LibraryFind and continued in release — but will be finished with 0.9.  I’m working up documentation for the Json calls (which basically emulate the SOAP calls for… Read more

LibraryFind 0.9: Advanced Search Changes

A number of changes that will be present in LibraryFind 0.9 will be UI related.  One of those changes will be seen in the Advanced Search page.  The layout of the page has been changed significantly to make it easier for users to specify specific (or combined) queries, as well as make it easier for… Read more

LibraryFind next week

As I’ve been working on 0.9, I’ve been trying to migrate few odds and ends into the current 0.8 branch so that I can move them into production faster on our end.  To that end, I’ll be posting an updated to LF by the beginning of next week.  These updates will include: Update to the… Read more