MarcEdit Mac Update

It seems like I’ve been making a lot of progress wrapping up some of the last major features missing from the Mac version of MarcEdit.  The previous update introduced support for custom/user defined fonts and font sizes which I hope went a long way towards solving accessibility issues.  Today’s update brings plugin support to MarcEdit… Read more

MarcEdit Update: All Versions

All versions have been updated.  For specific information about workstream work, please see: MarcEdit Workstreams: MacOS and Windows/Linux MarcEdit Mac Changelog: ************************************************* ** 2.2.35 ************************************************* * Bug Fix: Delimited Text Translator: The 3rd delimiter wasn’t being set reliably. This should be corrected. * Enhancement: Accessibility: Users can now change the font and font sizes in the… Read more

MarcEdit KBart Plugin

Last year, I had the opportunity to present at NASIG, and one of the questions that came up was related to the KBart format and if MarcEdit could generate it.  I’ll be honest, I’d never heard of KBart and this was the first time it had come up.  Well, fast forward a few months and… Read more

MarcEdit Workstreams: MacOS and Windows/Linux

Over the past couple of months, I’ve had some interesting questions that have been leading me to going back and relooking at how a handful of things work within MarcEdit.  To that end, I’m hoping to complete the following two workstreams this weekend. MacOS Two of the features most often asked for at this point… Read more

MarcEdit MacOS Updates

This past weekend, I spent a good deal of time getting the MacOS version of MarcEdit synchronized with the Windows and Linux builds.  In addition to the updates, there is a significant change to the program that needs to be noted as well.  First, let’s start with the changelog.  The following changes were made in… Read more

MarcEdit Windows/Linux Updates

This weekend, I worked on a couple of updates related to MarcEdit.  The updates applicable to the Windows and Linux builds are the following: 6.2.455* Enhancement: Export Tab Delimited Records: Added Configurable third delimiter.* Enhancement: MarcEditor: Improvements in the Page Counting to better support invalid formatted data.* Enhancement: Extract/Delete MARC Records: Added file open button… Read more

MarcEdit’s new Logging Features

Over the years, I’ve periodically gotten requests for a much more robust logger in MarcEdit.  Currently, when the tool performs a global change, it reports the number of changes made to the user.  However, a handful of folks have been wanting much more.  Ideally, they’d like to have a log of every change the application… Read more

MarcEdit update

I’ve posted a new update for all versions of MarcEdit, and it’s a large one.  It might not look like it from the outside, but it represents close to 3 1/2 months of work.  The big change is related to the inclusion of a more detailed change log.  Users can turn on logging and see,… Read more

MarcEdit Update Posted

Happy 2017!  I hope that everyone had a fine holiday season.  I spent some time over the past couple weeks away from MarcEdit and doing a little bit of writing.  This put my usual holiday update behind a bit (which I apologize about, since it included a couple bug fixes that folks were waiting for)… Read more