OCLC WorldCat Metadata API Ruby Gem

Since last December, I’ve had the opportunity to spend a good deal of time working with the OCLC WorldCat Metadata API.  The focus was primarily around kicking the tires, and then eventually developing some integration components with MarcEdit, as well as a C# library (https://github.com/reeset/oclc_api) for those that may have use of such things. However,… Read more

MarcEdit and the OCLC Metadata API: Introduction

******************************************************************************************************************************************************* I wanted to note that I’ve updated this post to correct/clarify two statements within this post.  The requirement of 2 wskeys Terms of use OCLC has two wskey structures.  For those developers that have been working with OCLC for a long time and have a wskey for their search services, OCLC can decommission your… Read more

OCLC’s Classify in C#

During Code4Lib, I spent a little time playing with OCLC’s Classify service (http://oclc.org/developer/services/classify).  I’ve been working on adding a couple of functions into MarcEdit that will allow folks to leverage some of the OCLC web services.   Using OCLC’s Classify, I’ve been working on an experimental tool that would allow you to do batch classification of… Read more

WorldCat API gem moved to rubyforge

I had mentioned that I’d quickly developed a helper gem for simplifying using the WorldCat API in ruby (at least, it greatly simplifies using the API for my needs).  This was created in part for C4L and partly because I’m moving access from Z39.50 to the API when working with LF and I basically wanted… Read more

WorldCat API: draft ruby gem

Since the WorldCat Grid API became available, I’ve spent odd periods of time playing with the services to see what kinds of things I could do and not do with the information being made available.  This was partly due to a desire to create an open source version of WorldCat Local.  It wouldn’t have been… Read more