WorldCat API gem moved to rubyforge

I had mentioned that I’d quickly developed a helper gem for simplifying using the WorldCat API in ruby (at least, it greatly simplifies using the API for my needs).  This was created in part for C4L and partly because I’m moving access from Z39.50 to the API when working with LF and I basically wanted… Read more

oai and sru gems updated

In wrapping up the Libraryfind update, I’ve had to make some modifications to a few gem packages.  These are the ones updated: oai: versions of the oai component only supported the ruby libxml gem 0.3.8-.  In order to support the newer versions of the ruby-libxml (which does better memory management), I’ve updated the… Read more

Rails SVN question

For a rails project, when I want to update the vendor/rails it appears that the easiest way to update this in svn is to delete the directory, refresh the gems and then re-add the directory to the svn.  Does this sound right?  Seems like it should be easier.  This has been the process that we… Read more